Partner Plan

Upon approval your business plan, we will partner with you to cover the website, SEO and Marketing Expenses


Partner Plan Requirements

We welcome everyone with a feasible business plan to apply for partner plan. In this plan, 6Success will provide all the engineering and marketing requirements and cover 80% the cost of the website development. You should have an existing service or product whether physical or digital to be eligible for this plan. After submittal, we will review your business and products and inform you if you are approved for this plan.


Partner Plan Benefits

Website development,

Website development,

Website Development Cost is Covered by us

We will work with you to ensure you initial website cost is as minimum as possible. Upon Approval of your business plan, We will cover up to 80% of the website, marketing, digital design, assets, and team expenses as your technology partner. You will be focusing on your product and service delivery only.

Website Management, SEO and Email Marketing,

Website Management, SEO and Email Marketing,

We Handle Web, Email Marketing and SEO

As your technology partner in this project, and upon approval of your business plan, we will take the responsibility of day to day operation of your online business while you focus on the product and service delivery.



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